Wonderful Adversity

Wonderful IMG_2626Adversity is a series of books providing entertaining reading, seasoned with inspiration and motivation. The three primary volumes, Wonderful Adversity: Into Africa, Wonderful Adversity: Out of Africa and Wonderful Adversity: Clash of Cultures, are based on the authors own lives, retold in a readable manner that makes putting the book down a challenge. Furthermore, the authors are accomplished speakers offering key-note, theme-setting  and other speaking engagements.

The writing style is aimed at being readable, informative and fun,  suitable for all readers over the age of 16 years. If you like a good adventure, flying, engineering, stories of personal survival or just want to read about what real-life adventures might really entail, these books are for you.

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If you are wondering if these books are for you, one lady reader in Florida contacted the authors on Friday evening saying “I received my copy of Wonderful Adversity: Into Africa this morning, and started reading it.  From the first chapter I just wanted to keep on reading. Now I am upset that I have arranged to go to events over the weekend, because I just want to stay home and finish the book”

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