Engineers, pilots, motivational speakers and authors, Jonathan and Patricia Porter are pleased to share their stories in a series of books, based on their own personal experiences; turning seemingly life crushing moments into life changing opportunities.

The first three volumes are

Wonderful Adversity: Into Africa available NOW from Amazon or your usual bookseller (ISBN:1530652812)

The story of Jonathan, a survivor with extraordinary optimism, honesty and energy. Against the odds, he has positively overcome many life changing challenges.

This story starts with Jonathan being expelled from school. Subsequently, accidents and injuries changed his planned career, resulting in him achieving successes in engineering, building and flying light aircraft, whilst working across continents. However, his path to success is laced with adversity.

Wonderful Adversity: Out of Africa expected release late 2020 (ISBN: 1534868976)  The story of Patricia from her humble birth, death of her father, being sent to be sacrificed, maltreated at school, surviving being sent to relatives, attempted rapes, through to taking calculated risk that resulted in her learning to fly, build aircraft and then preparing to leave her continent for life in Europe, when it became clear that her own people would not enable her to achieve her goals.
 Wonderful Adversity: Clash of Cultures expected release 2021
(ISBN: 153493328X)
 What is it like for a mixed race couple to live in each other’s cultures? Follow the story of how Jonathan and Patricia integrate to Western Culture, and having a baby! Adversity is always available – and must be embraced in order to make something wonderful happen!

Here is a taster of Wonderful Adversity: Out of Africa…

We do not know exactly when Patricia was born, because her birth was not registered, but it was sometime in the 1980s in the West African bushlands of Ghana. Her father, a fisherman, died when she was just a few weeks old, and her mother, a ‘head-load trader’ was subsequently driven out of the village. Passed amongst family members to be cared for, Patricia’s early months were certainly a challenge. Growing up in a place without mains water or mains power in homes without windows or even doors; a place where under-5 mortality is amongst the highest on the planet, and without your birth parents to hold you; it is not the greatest start for any child.

As is common in many developing nations, when a family has challenges a ‘spiritual cause’ is sought – often being blamed upon a child for ‘bringing bad luck’. Consequently, as a toddler Patricia was sent to be sacrificed (killed to relieve the family from a curse) at a local shrine. This is not as uncommon as we may think, even today. Unaware of why or where she was, but with an inbuilt survival instinct, Patricia toddled away, and was lost for a few days in the wilderness. Finally, found by her paternal grandmother, she was taken in and cared for. Each day she was taken to the fields where her grandmother farmed, where she sat under a tree playing with sticks and drawing in the dirt. Despite the predominance of malaria, tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, snakes, scorpions, etc., she survived into her teens when she was sent to live at her uncle’s farm near Akosombo in Ghana.

Life on the farm was far from easy. Her bed was a straw mat on the dirt floor of a partially collapsed mud hut. She had to fetch water each morning, and participate in ensuring that the men folk were catered for, cooking on an open fire in the middle of the collection of thatched huts. In order to earn enough money to keep herself in school, she would collect firewood from the shrub-lands around the farm.

Although Patricia’s childhood sounds a far cry from that which we take for granted in the comfort of our homes in developed nations, it was, and still is, a perfectly normal scenario for a young woman from a rural area in a developing nation.

Then, one warm, sticky, afternoon, whilst cutting wood with her machete, she spotted a small aircraft zooming towards her, on a collision course with her – or so it seemed. Thinking she was in trouble and that the aircraft was chasing her, Patricia climbed into a tree to hide. Suddenly, the engine roared and the aircraft climbed away back up into the sky. Patricia peered out of the tree and watched for where the aircraft headed.

A little shaken, but exhilarated and enthralled by the sight of this small flying machine, Patricia decided she would have to find out where the aircraft came from… and so a whole journey of discovery with plenty of wonderful adversity was to begin…