Speaking and book signings

Jonathan and Patricia offer a range of motivatoinal speaking programmes, always tailored to suit your needs, your audience and to stimulate discussion and positive outcomes:

Corporate and Business Groups

Each speaking engagement is tailored to meet the specific needs of your programme. If you want engagement and results, then contact the team by clicking here!

Keynote speaking: A 30 – 45 minute pace and tone setting energy injection to kick off your programme. Each keynote is discussed and developed with the organisers to maximise impact. The energy of Jonathan and/or Patricia in a keynote presentation is extreemly contagious and can lead to much increased audience attention to the subsequent content. If you need results from your event, kick it off with an energy that will power your programme and future.  To contact Jonathan and Patricia click here.

Theme setting: This 90 – 120 minute thought provoking power-launch for your event goes much further than a key note, with audience involvment as appropriate. Our theme setting programme is based on the Wonderful Adversity series and associated concepts. Jonathan and Patricia work to establish a functional motivational fulcrum from which your business meetings and conferences can lever motivated change energy. We all know that business in today’s environment is tough, and if anybody knows about tough, then it is Jonathan and Patricia… and they know how to take tough and turn it into positive force. If you need help to turn your current challenge mass into a dynamic, motivated and inspired powerhouse for positive personal and business development, then this is the programme for you and your team. To contact Jonathan and Patricia click here.

Other speaking engagements, or corporate event animations may be undertaken on a case-by-case basis.

Individual/Leadership Team

Are you stuck in groove? Unable to see a way out of your current crisis? Do you need personal motivation and inspiration support? Whether in person or via skype, Jonathan and Patricia are ready to put together a support programme for you. Whether it is a one-off session, a short period of intense support or ongoing support for you as you overcome your challenges in busines/life, we are open to finding solutions on a case-by-case basis. To contact Jonathan and Patricia click here.


Jonathan and Patricia believe in the need for young people to aim higher, and to see past their own backgrounds and issues to find success. Consequently, they do offer a limited number of speaking engagements with schools, colleges and universitites.

30mins : Motivational talk from either Patricia or Jonathan (depending on your event) with 10 min Q&A. Normally, followed by a visit to a class where students from a specific class can ask questions.

1 hr : Motivational talks from both Patricia and Jonathan with 20 min Q&A. Normally a begining or end of term event, or part of a college event week. Can be part of a recruitment programme, for example ‘Increasing female students in engineering/aviation’

To contact Jonathan and Patricia click here.

Book Signings:

Whether part of a larger programme, or a specific retail or community event, Jonathan and Patricia welcome book signing opportunities. To contact Jonathan, Patricia and the team click here.